Partially Free Riders who MUST wear helmets
Alaska Under 18, riders w/learners permits, all passengers
Arizona Under 18
Arkansas Under 21
Connecticut Under 18
Delaware Under 18
Hawaii Under 18
Idaho Under 18
Indiana Under 18
Kansas Under 18
Kentucky Over 21 w/ medical insurance have option to wear
Louisiana Over 18 w/ proof of $10,000 medical insurance have option
Maine Under 18 or less than 1 year experience
Minnesota Under 18
Montana Under 18
New Mexico Under 18 and some cities
North Dakota Under 18
Ohio Under 18 , novice riders
Oklahoma Under 18
Rhode Island Under 21, all passengers, novice riders
South Carolina Under 21
South Dakota Under 18
Texas $10,000 medical insurance or safety course, over 21 have option
Out of state riders/ riders without sticker will probably be stopped
Utah Under 18
Wisconsin Under 18
Wyoming Under 18